Short clip from my off-broadway production of “Grease!” I must say, for a 4 year old.. my choreography is on point.

Saturday Jul 7 @ 10:30pm


billie joe armstrong: black & white

Saturday Jul 7 @ 03:05pm





there are two kinds of emos

  1. happy fall out boy fans
  2. sad my chemical romance fans

3. Conflicted fans of both

4. Fans of P!atD that don’t even know what’s going on anymore

5. Paramore fans that complain they’re “too mainstream” nowadays and still live as if it’s 2007

Sunday Jul 7 @ 01:14pm
Saturday Jul 7 @ 11:48am

"We don’t need to be everything to everybody, as long as we’re something to somebody.”
Saturday Jul 7 @ 11:33am

"Can I take you name please, love?"
Dawson. Rose Dawson.”
Saturday Jul 7 @ 11:32am

Amy Winehouse | Venetia Dearden, 2008 

Amy Winehouse | Venetia Dearden, 2008 

Saturday Jul 7 @ 11:32am

Holes (2003)


Holes (2003)

Saturday Jul 7 @ 11:28am

sola-lunam said: hey, what camera did you use for that PATD photoset?

Canon Rebel XS + 50mm 1.8 lens :) 

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 06:43pm

chisaiyokai said: hiiii you're incredibly talented, your voice is heavenly, and you're breathtakingly gorgeous ♥️ I hope you have an amazing day!!

Those are three lovely compliments. :’) Omg, thank you. And, thanks for listeninggggg, of course! ❤️

Sunday Jul 7 @ 07:47pm

seeitbegintoflicker said: Your fall out boy medley is amazing!

Thank you very muchooo! :)

Sunday Jul 7 @ 07:45pm
panic! at the disco - pretty. odd. (2008)

panic! at the disco - pretty. odd. (2008)

Sunday Jul 7 @ 07:19pm

Panic! At The Disco | Vinyl Discography 

A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out (2005)
Pretty. Odd. (2008)
Vices & Virtues (2011)
Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! (2013)

Sunday Jul 7 @ 07:13pm
Chillin’ at Sephora yesterdayyyy :)

Chillin’ at Sephora yesterdayyyy :)

Sunday Jul 7 @ 05:41pm

fromstephaniewithlove said: Heyy hows it going? :) I saw you got that record player from urban outfitters, just wondering... if you dont mind me asking, whats the sound quality like? Im looking to buy one but want one that sounds decent! Thanks :)

Hi! The sound quality is actually pretty decent out of the built-in speakers. But, I just picked up a small (but powerful) external speaker.. and, compared to that.. the bulit-in speakers are pretty soft and don’t have a lot of bass. But, it gets the job done for just playing records in your room or something! :)

Sunday Jul 7 @ 05:37pm
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